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What are the Basic Benefits in Missouri Workers Compensation?

The Missouri workers compensation law is generous, in that it includes a Second Injury Fund (SIF) — which provides for several types of worker injury or death circumstances that are extraordinary. This includes coverage for a second injury on top of a prior disability, death benefits to survivors of work injuries, rehabilitation, medical benefits and Read More

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Why Some People Collect More than Others from Workplace Back Injuries

It is the job of a lower back injury attorney in Missouri to prove that his or her client suffered an injury at work — and that the injury was severe enough to prevent him or her from working for an extended period of time or permanently. This is not always easy to do, either Read More

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Why Should You Hire an Attorney to Get Workers Compensation Benefits?

It is an unfortunate fact that many employers, though covered by workers compensation insurance, resist worker injury claims. Employers typically fear an increase in insurance premiums after a claim is made (which commonly happens in some states, including Missouri). To this end, many companies are quick to suggest that the injury is not serious, or Read More

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