Benefit Calculations for Missouri Workers’ Compensation

Understanding workers’ comp benefits

At The Ryan E. Murphy Law Firm, LLC, we make obtaining workers’ compensation benefits as simple as possible. We also make certain you understand your rights and the process under Missouri law.

To help streamline the process, benefit payments are determined by a state-created formula. However, deviating from this formula is common, depending on the type and severity of the injury. That is why it pays to have an advocate who understands how to make the numbers benefit you.

Missouri workers’ compensation rates

If you are hurt on the job, your workers’ compensation payments are determined by factors including your regular rate of pay. The law allows for numerous methods to ensure that your compensation rate is fair and accurate.  The insurance company will not tell you which method provides you maximum compensation.  It is up to you to hire experienced counsel to ensure you are being compensated at a fair and accurate rate.

Base Compensation rates

Your average weekly wage is based upon your income during the thirteen weeks prior to your injury. Your compensation rate is two-thirds of your average weekly wage.

Permanent partial disability

Missouri law assigns a certain “value” to each part of the body. Your benefit payment depends on the injured body part and the percentage of disability that you suffered, as determined by a medical expert. It is not uncommon for medical experts to disagree on this percentage; this is why having a Springfield workers’ comp lawyer on your side is so important.

Temporary total disability, permanent total disability and death benefits

Temporary total disability benefits are paid after an injury prevents you from working for three or more days. Payments continue until you return to work or reach what is known as maximum medical improvement. Permanent total disability applies when you are unable to return to any form of employment.

If you are killed at work or die from a work-related illness, workers’ compensation death benefits are paid to your family.

In every workers’ comp case, it may be possible to bring a third-party civil lawsuit against people or entities — not your employer — who may be responsible for your injury. This is one way to maximize your benefits, and it requires the assistance of a qualified, knowledgeable law firm.

Know what your case is worth

At any point during the process, your employer or its insurance company may offer you a settlement. Usually a settlement closes your case, and you cannot come back later for more money. You should ask a qualified workers’ comp lawyer to review any settlement offer. It should cover the medical bills you have right now and the ones you will have down the road. Future medical expenses are quite difficult to assess on your own. A settlement offer also should completely cover your lost wages.

At The Ryan E. Murphy Law Firm, LLC, we put our knowledge of Missouri workers’ compensation laws on your side. We thoroughly review your case to determine the amount of benefits you may be eligible for, and then we negotiate and fight in court for full payment.

If you or a family member has been injured on the job, please review our frequently asked questions about workers’ compensation and then contact us for a comprehensive review of your case.

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