Focusing on Lower Back Injuries in Springfield & Joplin, MO

Fighting for benefits every inch of the way

Lower back injuries are among the most common, painful and immobilizing injuries suffered in the workplace. Yet insurance companies often fight tooth and nail to avoid paying workers’ compensation benefits for lower back injuries.

In fact, many insurance companies dispute that a lower back injury was caused on the job. They turn the tables, forcing you to prove that a lumbar injury was caused by or exacerbated by work.

At The Ryan E. Murphy Law Firm, LLC, we stand up to insurance companies who do not play fair. We investigate each claim, document the injury with competent medical expert opinions and negotiate vigorously for fair payments.

Dealing with lower back pain is a pain

Lumbar injuries usually involve damage to muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and/or discs. Injury to the spinal cord within the lumbar vertebrae is most serious and generally results in some loss of functioning in the hips and legs.

These injuries can affect workers’ ability to use their extremities and perform daily activities. It is common to miss work or even have a permanent disability.

A disc herniation — when an intervertebral disc ruptures — can cause extreme pain and discomfort. When a disc herniates in the lumbar region, patients usually experience numbness and tingling through their buttocks and into their legs.  Serious lumbar herniations may also cause significant back pain and incontinence and can affect the patient’s ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time.

A skilled back injury attorney in your corner

The Springfield, MO legal team at The Ryan E. Murphy Law Firm has spent over a decade helping victims of workplace lower back injuries obtain benefits. We are here to help you if you suffer from:

These workplace injuries commonly result from:

  • Lifting and twisting
  • Repetitive effort
  • Auto accidents
  • Falls

We often represent injured workers whose benefits were reduced or cut off. We understand workers’ compensation law and fight to ensure you receive all the benefits you deserve.

In addition, we seek payments through third-party claims against other individuals and companies that may be responsible for an injury.

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