Missouri Legal Team Provides Answers to Common Workers’ Compensation Questions

What you need to know about your rights

The Ryan E. Murphy Law Firm, LLC believes you should understand your rights and be confident when you make decisions about your workers’ compensation case. We offer answers to frequently asked questions about benefits to provide you a place to start. This list is by no means a full explanation of how we can help you. Please contact us for answers to specific questions or to discuss your injury.

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If you or a loved one has been injured or killed on the job, you need a workers’ comp attorney in Joplin and Springfield, Missouri who can help you understand your rights and obtain the benefits you need. Workers’ compensation can be complex and confusing. Do not struggle with this on your own.

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Why do I need an attorney?

After an injury, the insurance carrier dictates your care and compensation. Their efforts are focused on getting you to accept as little treatment, time off, and compensation as possible. Without an attorney on your side, the insurance company will use their knowledge and experience to ensure you get as few benefits as possible. You deserve to have an advocate on your side helping you to get the outcome you deserve.

When do I have to tell my boss I was hurt?

You should let your boss know about your work injury as soon as possible to avoid losing benefits. In Missouri, you have 30 days from the date of injury to tell your company you were hurt.  While letting them know in writing is best, simply informing them verbally will also preserve your rights under Missouri law.

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How long will my case take?

A great deal depends on the severity of your injury and how long it takes to heal. You want workers’ compensation benefits to cover your medical expenses, but if you are still being treated, your future medical expenses are unknown. Once you reach maximum medical improvement, meaning your condition has stabilized and is not expected to get any better, it typically takes another six to twelve months to make the insurance company pay all the benefits you are entitled to receive under the law.

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How much is my claim worth?

Permitted medical benefits include medical care, rehabilitative services, prescriptions, medical supplies and modifications to a home or vehicle.  In addition to medical benefits, an employee may be entitled to temporary total disability benefits and permanent partial or permanent total disability benefits. Compensation is largely determined by the type and severity of your injury. The Ryan E. Murphy Law Firm, LLC reviews your situation and tells you what to expect and whether you are receiving what you should.

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Can I settle my case and get lifetime medical benefits?

There are many ways to settle a claim that gets you the benefits you need for the long haul. Some examples include:

  • Closing out your claim for a lump sum payment that accurately reflects your anticipated medical expenses.
  • Leaving your claim file open to allow for future medical care.

Obviously, there are benefits and disadvantages to each option, so it is best to discuss your case with a qualified workers’ comp attorney before accepting any settlement.

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Can I get a second medical opinion?

If you would like a second opinion — or if your attorney believes one would be advantageous — our firm can arrange a consultation with a respected doctor who is experienced in workplace injuries.

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What are workers’ compensation death benefits?

If you die from a work-related injury or disease, your spouse, children and other dependents are entitled to weekly death benefits equal to two-thirds of your average weekly wage. Burial expenses also must be paid by the insurer.

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Can I receive workers’ compensation benefits if I was already sick or injured?

Yes. If a job injury aggravates or speeds up your existing injury or illness, workers’ compensation should cover you. Of course you must prove that the job really did make your condition worse, and that is where a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer such as Ryan E. Murphy can benefit your case.

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Can my employer retaliate against me for filing a claim?

Absolutely not. It is illegal for an employer to discriminate or retaliate against an employee who files a workers’ compensation claim. So, your company cannot fire, demote or otherwise take away benefits that you previously qualified for.

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