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What are the Basic Benefits in Missouri Workers Compensation?

The Missouri workers compensation law is generous, in that it includes a Second Injury Fund (SIF) — which provides for several types of worker injury or death circumstances that are extraordinary. This includes coverage for a second injury on top of a prior disability, death benefits to survivors of work injuries, rehabilitation, medical benefits and benefits for individuals who are unable to work in a second job, in addition to the job where the injury took place.

The benefits from the SIF are explained on the Missouri Department of Labor & Industrial Relations website, where additional information is provided on line of duty compensation and scholarships. The website also clarifies how workers compensation benefits may affect other benefit programs, and explains what to do when your employer has no workers comp coverage.

For anyone newly injured or ill from a workplace hazard, learning the basic Missouri workers compensation rates, rules and definitions is an important first step:

  • Base compensation – This is typically two-thirds of your average weekly wage, as earned in the 13 weeks prior to the injury.
  • Temporary total disability – If you cannot return to work after a two-day absence caused by the injury, you will receive benefits up to a set maximum amount.
  • Permanent total disability – These are payments made if you cannot return work at all.

Note that the value of disability is determined by the body part affected in the injury, and a judgment on the degree to which that part is disabled. Decisions made by medical experts regarding injuries are subjective, which is why the engagement of a lawyer is often beneficial and necessary. Contact the Ryan E. Murphy Law Firm LLC in Springfield, to learn how an attorney can help make this process more fair to the injured.

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