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How Can Work Increase the Risk of a Car Accident?

While Missourians are more likely today to live in cities than in rural areas, most people commute to and from their jobs by car. Further, many occupations require car travel as a part of work responsibilities — to transport goods and people, to go on appointments and to visit work operations in other locations. Unfortunately, however, the more one drives, the more one is likely to be involved in an auto mishap ― a fact that Springfield car accident attorneys understand all too well.

According to the World Health Organization, the most common factors that create risk for drivers include:

  • Traveling in darkness
  • Defects in road design
  • Inadequate visibility due to trees, bushes, etc.

These factors may be beyond the control of the driver. Of course, alcohol consumption, driving on inadequate sleep, traveling at unreasonable speed and the failure to address eyesight issues are the responsibility of the driver. Similarly, poor vehicle maintenance (for example, checking brakes and steering) is largely the responsibility of the employer, if they own the vehicle. When a driver has an auto accident at work, there is typically an investigation as to whether or not the driver or employer was responsible — or if fault lies with a third party.

Of course, when injured in a work-related car accident (while performing work functions at any location, but not including drive time to and from work), and required to miss work time, the workers compensation insurance policy of your employer should provide you with income for short-term or long-term disability. If a third party caused the accident, a lawsuit to collect for damages may be warranted. Contact the Ryan E. Murphy Law Firm LLC in Springfield, a lawyer with workers compensation and auto accident experience, to learn more.

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