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The Work Comp Lawyer’s Guide to Unknown Workers' Compensation Claims

Are you aware of all the workers' compensation claims available to you after a work-related injury? If not, you're not alone. Many employees may not realize the full extent of benefits they could be entitled to. That's where a work comp lawyer like Ryan E. Murphy can make a difference. At The Ryan E. Murphy Law Firm, LLC, we are committed to educating and advocating for our clients. In this blog, we'll shed light on lesser-known workers' compensation claims that could help you secure the compensation you deserve. 

Psychological Injuries from Work Stress 

Work-related stress can lead to significant psychological injuries like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. These conditions are often overlooked in workers' compensation claims. Proving psychological injuries can be tough, which is why having a skilled work comp lawyer by your side is crucial. They can help navigate the process of documenting how workplace factors have contributed to your psychological injuries, ensuring you receive the recognition and compensation you deserve for these impactful yet invisible conditions. 

Occupational Diseases Beyond the Obvious 

Occupational diseases go beyond well-known ones like mesothelioma. Conditions like COPD from workplace exposure or repetitive strain injuries might develop silently over time. A knowledgeable work comp lawyer understands occupational diseases and can help link your condition to your work environment. This step is crucial in securing compensation for these often unnoticed occupational illnesses. 

Injuries from Company Events 

Injuries during company events, from team-building exercises to holiday parties, can also be eligible for workers' compensation. Accidents during these events may qualify for compensation. Whether it's a sprained ankle during a corporate event or a fall at a company function, a skilled work comp lawyer can assist in connecting your injury to the event, protecting your rights. 

Remote Work-Related Injuries 

With remote work on the rise, new types of work-related injuries are emerging. Conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome or back pain from home office setups could be eligible for workers' compensation. Despite working from home, these injuries are still considered work-related. A work comp lawyer familiar with remote work scenarios can help address and prove these modern occupational hazards. 

Unique Compensation Rights for Non-Traditional Employees 

The gig economy has brought new challenges to workers' compensation claims. Gig workers and freelancers may think they're ineligible for such claims due to their unconventional employment status. However, under certain conditions, they may still have rights to compensation for work-related injuries. Consulting a work comp lawyer, such as Ryan E. Murphy, can help assess your situation and find a path to compensation, even if you're not a traditional employee. By examining your work relationship and injury specifics, your rights can be advocated for effectively. Contact us today.

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