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How long does a workers’ comp case take? 

If you have been hurt on the job, you have lots of questions and concerns. This is completely normal because most people have limited experience dealing with workers’ comp issues. One of the most frequent questions we hear is “how long will it take to settle my workers’ comp case?” Today we are going to Read More

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Why Sprains and Strains are Serious Workplace Injuries

The most common workplace injuries, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, are sprains and strains. Work-related sprains and strains in Missouri are no different from elsewhere in the country, and such injuries can occur in virtually every occupation, from construction to healthcare to office-based administrative work. For anyone injured on the job in Read More

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Can a Lifting Injury Qualify You for Workers Compensation Benefits?

Lifting injuries that occur at work in Springfield, MO are much like those in small towns and big cities everywhere. They can happen to almost anyone, in any circumstance. While typically associated with manual labor — taking place at a loading dock or warehouse, or while engaged in maintenance or agricultural work — it is Read More

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Who Is Responsible — and Liable — for a Workplace Death?

Sudden deaths from any cause are the source of much sorrow and loss. However, when death occurs on the job, due to an activity related to employment, it is especially tragic. Work-related fatalities in Springfield and throughout the state of MO showed a decline in recent years (from 148 deaths in 2008 to 107 in Read More

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How Can Work Increase the Risk of a Car Accident?

While Missourians are more likely today to live in cities than in rural areas, most people commute to and from their jobs by car. Further, many occupations require car travel as a part of work responsibilities — to transport goods and people, to go on appointments and to visit work operations in other locations. Unfortunately, Read More

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Can Spinal Fusion Enable an Employee to Continue Working?

Back injuries — the result of the most common workplace accidents — affect productivity, and sometimes create permanent disability. However, modern medicine offers medication, therapy and surgery to address this problem. Today, many patients have spinal fusions to deal with certain back injuries. In Missouri, where millions of jobs are in patient care, manufacturing, food Read More

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Can You Sue Another Company for a Workplace Injury?

While Missouri workers compensation laws are established to reduce legal red tape and litigation, there are instances where a lawsuit is in the best interests of the injured worker. This is especially the case when a third party is involved — for example, when company A is negligent on a construction site, causing injury to Read More

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What are the Basic Benefits in Missouri Workers Compensation?

The Missouri workers compensation law is generous, in that it includes a Second Injury Fund (SIF) — which provides for several types of worker injury or death circumstances that are extraordinary. This includes coverage for a second injury on top of a prior disability, death benefits to survivors of work injuries, rehabilitation, medical benefits and Read More

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Why Some People Collect More than Others from Workplace Back Injuries

It is the job of a lower back injury attorney in Missouri to prove that his or her client suffered an injury at work — and that the injury was severe enough to prevent him or her from working for an extended period of time or permanently. This is not always easy to do, either Read More

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Why Should You Hire an Attorney to Get Workers Compensation Benefits?

It is an unfortunate fact that many employers, though covered by workers compensation insurance, resist worker injury claims. Employers typically fear an increase in insurance premiums after a claim is made (which commonly happens in some states, including Missouri). To this end, many companies are quick to suggest that the injury is not serious, or Read More

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