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Fall Injuries at Work: To What Compensation is an Employee Entitled?

Falls from high places in Missouri workplaces lead to dozens of deaths and hundreds of serious injuries every year. Most often, this happens in construction occupations. However, slips, trips and falls also happen frequently in healthcare, warehouse, office and retail workplaces.

The job of a Missouri workers compensation attorney is to establish that the injury was caused by a slip or fall at work, and that it influences the ability of the employee to work. In some scenarios, either the cause or the effect of the accident is challenged by the employer, or by a workers compensation administrative law judge.

Without question, there are hazards inherent in many types of workplaces. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) cites statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which indicate that more than 212,000 workers were seriously injured in falls in 2009. The CDC goes on to say in its publication, “Human Factors,” that employers are responsible for accidents caused by:

  • Unstable, cluttered or slippery walking areas
  • The incorrect use of ladders, or any other equipment that is poorly maintained, or incorrectly used because of inadequate or faulty instruction
  • A poor safety culture, with little encouragement of consistent safety practices

The workers compensation insurance program is designed to reduce the likelihood of litigation for workplace injuries and deaths. However, the system is complex and challenging to workers — and the families of workers — who face the aftermath of an accident. Especially when the accident involves a negligent third party, litigation may be required. For more information on how a claim can best be managed, contact the workers compensation team at The Ryan E. Murphy Law Firm LLC in Springfield, MO.

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