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Can Spinal Fusion Enable an Employee to Continue Working?

Back injuries — the result of the most common workplace accidents — affect productivity, and sometimes create permanent disability. However, modern medicine offers medication, therapy and surgery to address this problem. Today, many patients have spinal fusions to deal with certain back injuries. In Missouri, where millions of jobs are in patient care, manufacturing, food processing and transportation, addressing back injuries makes the difference between living on disability and being able to resume full employment.

Of course, with a work-related back problem, it may be necessary to engage a work injury lawyer in Springfield, MO. This is because the system itself is complex for any type of injury, and even more so for a back injury. In addition, surgery may be warranted by a condition that is sometimes difficult to prove. Occasionally, a back injury claim will be denied by an employer, who asserts that the injury was caused by an activity outside of the workplace.

To be sure, spinal surgery and spinal fusions should be pursued only after other, less-invasive options have proven to be ineffective. A younger person can expect to resume work after a four- to six-week absence, while older patients may need a recovery period of four to six months before returning to work. Other limitations might initially include:

  • Being required to wear a back brace
  • Being unable to bend at the waist (and only able to bend at the knees)
  • Having a restriction of lifting 10 pounds or less, until strength returns via therapy

Any kind of injury that occurs in the workplace — either from a single accident or repetitive stress injuries — needs to be addressed. Time away from work should be covered under the workers compensation insurance policy of your employer. Contact the Ryan E. Murphy Law Firm LLC in Springfield, a firm that works on behalf of workers, to achieve fair and necessary compensation.

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