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Can a Lifting Injury Qualify You for Workers Compensation Benefits?

Lifting injuries that occur at work in Springfield, MO are much like those in small towns and big cities everywhere. They can happen to almost anyone, in any circumstance. While typically associated with manual labor — taking place at a loading dock or warehouse, or while engaged in maintenance or agricultural work — it is just as easy for an office worker to injure his or her back while lifting a box of files from the floor.

Lifting injuries most often result in back injuries, which can be debilitating. Back health advisory organizations offer plenty of advice on how back injuries work, and ways to avoid them. However, such injuries are extremely common. Here are some facts about back injuries that pertain to employees and employers alike:

  • Eight out of ten people experience back pain, at some point in their lives.
  • Back problems can happen to people who are physically fit, as well as those who are not.
  • Back problems are difficult to diagnose, and are therefore difficult to prove.
  • Back problems are the leading cause of disability in men over age 45.

Because such injuries can take a toll on employees, employers are often resistant to accepting that a back injury is the result of lifting. They may claim the injury resulted from the recreational pursuits of the employee — or that it is a fabrication, if the injury cannot be confirmed via standard medical diagnostics. For this reason, the injured worker should consider working with a Missouri workers compensation lawyer, to access the benefits to which they are due.

Contact the Ryan E. Murphy Law Firm LLC in Springfield to learn more about how a lifting injury can qualify you for benefits.

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