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Why Sprains and Strains are Serious Workplace Injuries

The most common workplace injuries, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, are sprains and strains. Work-related sprains and strains in Missouri are no different from elsewhere in the country, and such injuries can occur in virtually every occupation, from construction to healthcare to office-based administrative work.

For anyone injured on the job in Missouri and rendered unable to work for a period, it becomes necessary to file for workers compensation benefits. However, workers often tolerate sprains and strains for weeks and months until the injury becomes intolerable — thereby rendering them unable to work for even longer periods of time. Insurance companies fight these claims as a matter of course, treating almost every such claim as a potential fraud.

The severity of a sprain or strain bears a strong correlation to the disability the injury causes. According to WebMD, this can be measured in a three-tier grading system:

  • Grade 1 – A mild tear or stretch of a ligament that leaves the joint relatively stable and functional.
  • Grade 2 – A tear that is more serious and painful, in which the ligament remains connected.
  • Grade 3 – A tear or rupture of the ligament that can render the limb or joint dysfunctional.

It benefits both the employer and the employee to prevent a Grade 1 or a Grade 2 injury from progressing to a Grade 3 disability. The intervention of a workers compensation attorney at an early stage is therefore advisable. Contact the Ryan E. Murphy Law Firm LLC in Springfield, Missouri to learn more.

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